The Trilogy of Insanity


I call a customer back regarding a voicemail he left inquiring about why we are no longer guaranteeing that a specific product is gluten-free.

Me: Hi, may I speak with Customer, this is Dunyasha from My Company.

Customer: Oh hi, thanks for calling me back. Actually, I've been reading online and I see that the reasoning for why the product isn't on the list is because of flavoring which contains foodproduct, I understand now.

Me: No, sir, that is not actually accurate information and I'm not sure where you are reading that, but it did not come from My Company.

Customer: Well, someone at your company released it. I read it from reliable sources.

Me: Well perhaps you shouldn't trust those sources so much because that is not legitimate information.

Customer: No, I am telling you that it came from a reliable source.

Me: Well I would consider our company, being the people put this product on the market to be the most reliable source and I am telling you that us just not legitimate.

Customer: That's okay, I know what the truth is. Thansk for calling me back, bye.

I hope he has fun playing with his health.


Me: Hi, thanks for calling Consumer Relations, this is Dunyasha.

Customer: Hi, I am on a conference call right now on my other line and I am VERY angry. (we go through logging her & the store's info) I bought a salad and when I got back to work I realized that under the top layer the lettuce is browned, so I called the store and told them to bring me a new one because I can't leave for several hours because of conference calls and they *she huffs*, they told me they were BUSY. 20 minutes later I called them again and said "hi. it's me. still no salad." *she huffs again* And they told me they were very busy again! I am having a bad day, and I am starving! They could walk here! It's right next door!

Me: Well, ma'am just so you understand our stores do not deliver food, if the store emlpoyees are willing to do so for you that is very nice of them, but we as a policy do not deliver food to our customers.

Customer: I'm not asking them to deliver!! I'm telling them to correct their mistake!

Me: Ma'am you are asking the employee to leave the store to bring you food, therefore you are asking them to deliver food to you, and again this is something as a policy we do not do.

Customer: BUT I'M HUNGRY!!!

Me: Well, I understand that, I am just trying to help you understand why the store would react in the way you are describing.

Customer: NO. I don't think you understand. I am pissed off. I am hungry. And I don't have to deal with this shit!


CoWorker: Hi thanks for calling Consumer Relations, this is CoWorker.

Customer: I don't want to pay for this. Call me back at this number 123-456-7890. *click*

When she called him back she found he was upset because he had to pay 30 cents for cheese that he didn't want because it was considered part of the hamburger and he wanted to speak with a manager who could explain why to him THAT INSTANT. When she explained that would not be possible he responded by screaming UNACCEPTABLE at her. The whole time he was pon the phone with her he was creaming at her on speaker phone and refused to get off her line until she connected him to someone who could explain this to him, (not possible since our office doesn't set pricing and he only had one line to take phone calls on.) His response to every suggestion she had was, UNACCEPTABLE. She spent the better part of an hour on the phone with him without losing her cool - I think she deserves a medal. OH, and the only personal info he would give her? His phone number and his name - Angry Customer.