An Open Letter to Anonymous Customer

To the anonymous gentleman who called this afternoon regarding one of our new products,
I listened to you and offered you information, I was kind, empathetic and sincere towards you and apologized that you were disappointed in what you received. I told you this is a new item and that the people who are responsible for that item will be highly interested in your feedback (which is true). You did not want to give me you name or your address and yet you still had the audacity to say loudly and clearly "Well that did no good, she didn't even care." BEFORE you hung up your phone. If you're going to insult me, please do so after you disconnect your phone, or during the conversation so that I may have a chance to respond.

And for the record, I had already emailed the person who handles that item by the time you made that comment. Asshole.



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Best regards from NY! here

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