Mommy & Daddy are Teaching Me to be Racist

There is a lot of rampant predjudice I would love to think doesn't exist out there in our country, probably in the world. I could for the most part tune this out, or ignore its existence until I started working in customer service. Now, almost everyday I get the singular joy of wanting to maim someone who tells me how the employee at the store couldn't possibly have been 25 years old (in case you are unaware, apparently you are unfit to work until you reach age 55) or how the employees in the store were not speaking English. Now, when this complaint is followed by someone telling me they speak Spanish and detailing what the employee said about them while they believed the customer could not understand them, obviously that becomes something else entirely. However, I must say when someone calls in with a very valid complaint, as a caller did today and when I attempt to close the call and the caller continues to complain, saying the same thing over and over, and then goes into telling me if the store wants those Mexicans they can have 'em, but she won't go there....I must tell you I am no longer listening. The worst however was a few weeks ago when I received a letter from an 8 year old boy telling me we should not hire people who don't speak proper English, my coworker and I decided that letter could be paraphrased as mommy and daddy are teaching me to be racist.


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