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I've never understood the things people feel are appropriate to do while on the phone.

The other day my coworker had a call from a woman who was eating while on the phone. This, while highly rude, is fairly common. However, this woman was eating so audibly that my coworker had trouble understanding the caller. My coworker being too polite to tell the woman to remove her hamburger from her esophagus, ignored it until she could not longer understand anything the caller was saying, when she finally asked, "I'm sorry, could you repeat what you just told me? I'm having trouble understanding you." The caller in her infinite wisdom said, "Well then can I speak with your supervisor, maybe she can hear me because I can understand YOU just fine."

Ten minutes after the woman hung up the same coworker turned to tell me that she had to put her call on hold to keep from laughing because this caller was actually urinating while on the phone with her.


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