How to Avoid Being that Call

Recently while reading "My Worst Call of the Day" I read a post which listed the blogger's pet peeves in dealing with customers, reminding me of a coworker who often comments that she'd love to write a book about how to complain. Because of this I have decided to post my "rules" on calling or writing to customer service departments. Its not hard to get a customer service rep to sympathize with you, as long as you respect us.

The Rules

  • When writing include your name & address. You'd be amazed how many people don't. One person actually requested a postage paid envelope to mail something back to me so I could replace it for him, when I received it, I had no idea who sent it.
  • Don't put us on hold.
  • Don't vent, yell, swear at or threaten us. We are here to help you, don't alienate us.
  • Don't call us uneducated or spell out words for us any circus monkey could spell, such as EAST. I'm not kidding. Someone spelled EAST for me today. We have college degrees.
  • Don't tell us you spend thousands of dollars in our store every year. Often times we can, and do check up on this claim, and most of the time you're lying.
  • Answer the questions we ask you, if we ask you what day you were in the store, don't say you think it was about 5pm, or just launch into your tale - we need this information so we can help you.
  • Don't discriminate. Seriously. Again, it alienates us. We stop listening to you.
  • Don't immediately ask for a manager, you're assuming we can't help you when you don't know if that is the case. Again, you're alienating us.
  • Don't demand coupons or discounts, if you must ask, ask politely. When you ask, most of the time we were planning on sending you something anyway and by asking you just cut what you will receive by half.
  • Don't write unnecessarily long or sarcastic letters. We skim them for the details we need, we receive so many of these that a well written letter actually impresses us.
  • Don't insult the company by commenting about our competitors, founder, stores, coworkers, etc. Again, you are alienating us, we stop listening.
  • Don't make comments about how little money you believe we earn doing our job. You don't know and it makes you sound like an ass.
  • Don't utter this phrase (or anything similar) "Well. How would YOU feel???" We don't comment on customer situations and you have just put us in an uncomfortable place.


Blogger Anne said...

And then you ignore us ... well, at least you do if you are an insurance agency!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Dunyasha said...

I have actually never worked for an insurance agency. I have worked for a few retail companies and a fast food company and I can honestly say that I have seen seen anyone ignore a complaint, concern or compliment - it may not be something we directly handle, but we always pass it along to the appropriate person. I do care about resolving the issues people, bring to me, I just wish they would show me some respect more often!

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Megan said...

The spelling thing intrigues me. I used to live on Meadow _____, and was often asked to spell Meadow, because it sometimes sounds like Metal, I guess. So it's automatic now. Or was, til I moved.

10:06 AM  
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