A Glorious Waste of Time

Today a woman called me to tell me that on our nutritional guide one of our items was listed incorrectly. She believed the calorie count was wrong because she had "weighed the item" and believed there was no possible way that our count was correct. I explained to this woman that our company is very concerned with nutrition and takes great care and researching the nutritional content of our food and that it is double checked by specific government organizations, since it would be illegal for us to misrepresent this information. This was however, not of concern to her, she argued with me until I finally told her I would have someone look into it. I did call the department who deals with these things, they told me they had no idea why she would believe the information was incorrect.

Later I had a call which went like this:

Consumer: Hi, I'm Sally Consumer, I work for State government and our governor has established a commitment to physical fitness. We eat at Company often because it is on the capital square and were wondering if you would consider making product in this new idea way.

Me: Oh, I'm very sorry, but our company does not allow outside suggestions.

Consumer: Are you sure? You couldn't even look into it? Even just to sell in our market?

Me: No, again I am very sorry, but we have a very strict policy about accepting outside suggestions. We have a department here which develops all of our products.

Consumer: You can't even consider it?

Me: No, we can't accept outside suggestions at all, partially because I couldn't tell you if this is something we are already working on, or not.

Consumer: Well what if I wrote a letter? Would anyone read it, or would you just throw it in the trash?

Me: Well because we are not able to accept outside suggestions, we would not be able to accept the letter.

Consumer: Not even if the governor supported it?

Me: Again, I am sorry, but there no way we would be able to consider your suggestion.

Consumer: *sighs* Well, at least I tried.

About twenty minutes later I heard this:

CoWoker: I'm very sorry ma'am, you will have to let the governor know that we do not accept outside suggestions.

ah, what a day.


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