Call Me Michael Moore, aka Call of the Day #2

In the years I have worked in the customer service industry I have been employed by a few different companies. None of these companies allowed photographing or filming on their premises without the person obtaining permission beforehand.

I say this because today I received a call from a young man who told me he was doing a school project which required him to film the sign at our restaurant and then to film a customer purchasing and receiving food at the drive-thru. This customer who seemed scared when I asked for his address, before he explained his situation to me told me that last night he tried to film a particular restaurant from the parking lot and the manager told him it was not permitted. I explained our policy regarding this to the young man, who said "Ok. Why isn't that posted at your windows then?" When I told the young man that this was something that interested parties had to call the headquarters about, he said " Well I guess Company is a bunch of ASSHOLES then!"

I wonder if he was surprised when I disconnected.


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